The Hallywood T-Shirt


 Hallo Stranger!

What ’s up? Was Halloween fun? Did you meet new people? Did you wear something Hathypical?

You probably started the night having a few drinks at the Spare Room - in Hollywood-, had a conversation with a stranger and somehow, few hours later, ended up walking the streets of Venice. 

Yes, that’s Hathypical! That’s the way we see Hollywood, far from red carpets or fake Spider-men. Hollywood, is about enjoying the moment, and just be! Be present, be you, be open, be here and there. Yes, that is the spirit of our Hallywood shirt!  Oh, you are right! that pink Jacket looks like a “Pajama Jacket”. You will feel cozy, homie, and a little sophisticated wearing it. 

Hathypical is our thing.




   This Perfect V-neck tee is light as air.  Made of  a super high-quality refined blend of cotton and micro-modal. The world finest ECO-HYBRID.



A muted blush tone mixes with dainty piping details in this silky, pajama-inspired blazer. Two-button closure. No regrets!



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