Japan meets L.A.


Let them “fall” for you with Da’ Bomb.

Did you ever feel like a Jacket was talking to you? “Hey, I’m falling for you, I want you!”

Ha!, you are not alone. The fabrics talk to us, the cities talk to us, and we love it!

This fall fashion trend is all about East meet West in a mix of different cultures; the iconic “Bomber Jacket” paired with the Japanese inspired design of the “Sumida Aquarium T-Shirt”. A splash of opposite contemporary perspectives that create a unique expression of casual clothing.

So perfect! that we can picture you walking through the Venice Canals, listening to Shawn Mendes “Lost in Japan”.

Da' bomb!



Our Inspiration

Keeping the fall trend is not a casualty. We knew it was coming –  a melting pot of Asian influences- , Chines and Japanese expressions throughout different fabrics.  We wanted to take the “Bomber” to the next level.  Add some handcrafted iconic artistry from the oriental world and mix them to come up with a modest still unique piece for this fall.
This camouflage bomber jacket is actually made of a real  lightweight fabric! It has 2 front pocket with snap closure, front and sleeve dragon techno print and a sleeve pocket with a zipper ;) a military insignia, black matte logo metal, hand stitched detail and just an air of lost in…. L.A.?
Initially conceived for men - but hey! We can totally see it on the tomboy empowered Lady out there!


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