C'mon Camo


Ready for daily battles!

 Originally created to “stay hidden”, there is nothing more trendy and seen these days than camo. Slowly taking over the street styles of Europe and Asia, it was all over the catwalks during the Spring 2018 season. Victoria, Kim, Hailey Baldwin, you, me, we all look strong and determined wearing camo, alone or in a mix-match.
The concept of camo started as a military “camouflage” first for tanks and gear in WWI and was later transformed into the military troops uniforms as a way to blend and hide from the enemies.
Impossible to hide these days: sneakers, pants, shirts, jackets, socks… hell yeah! From the war “trenches” to the daily city jungles, camo is a mainstream of lifetime culture.
Camo crazy culture exploded in the streets in the 80’s and was later adopted by designers like Dior, Valentino, and Moschino making it a fashion statement.
Check our “Camo Track Suit”. Perfect for the subtle cold weather. One of our favorite street style trends mixed with a stripe of bold color inspiration: “My playground has no rules”. 
For those mornings when you open your wardrobe door and   your mind goes blank; wear it as a suit or separately with plain white/black t-shirts or a simple jean.
Set yourself apart from the backdrop of contemporary urban life. C’mon camo!


Our Inspiration!

With so much CAMO around, we thought it was fair to create a camo piece for Fall. The Camo Track Suit. You'll live in this! Perfect for the subtle cold weather.  A mix of athleisure and contemporary street wear influences allow for wear both in and out of the home. Made of cotton and a stretchy fabric it gives you enough flexibility while keeping the shape tight.  The Crew neck sweater has forward side seams and signature split hem. The Track pant has a slim fit and zip openings at the ankles. Comfort is magnified with the elastic waistband and stitch line pockets. Aluminum eyelets, custom draw cords and the rise printed logo on the red side stripes add more details to this beauty. Wear it as a track suit or each of the pieces combined with simple jeans and plan t-shirts. We love it with Booths, Heels or some trendy sneakers.

“Military is not about war anymore. Is about fashion”  by Hathypical.



Street Style

How we like to style it!

WE FOLLOW WHAT WE LOVE. We go after the latest trend- add our touch- and bring them to you. Fashion FORWARD.






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