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About Us

Our Story


When you are a brand that exceeds expectations, people come to you. How does one exceed expectations today? We think we have something that starts with YOU.

The story begins with you. You inspire us. Someone who is fashion-conscious with a style that is up-to-the-minute. Clothing & accessories reflecting current ideas across the globe but in an atypical manner… uniquely you. We see you as the individual who almost sets the trends because of an inherent “fashion-forward/fashion-backward” approach to style. That is to say: A nod to both the modern & the classics. These individuals seem to naturally take what’s current & contemporary then combine it with a memory that looks back to the classics & vintage creating a unique style they're known for. Their atypical style contributes to their story, helping to define it without uttering a word. We can spot these individuals easily: They have style but are not a slave to fashion. They’re on the go with better things on their mind (invitations to make & respond to; itineraries to manage; downtime to fit in; and more) than to look in the mirror (when they do, though, it’s discreet). The most stylish individuals are able to have fun with fashion, confidently mixing it up in ways that are uniquely chic & interesting. Whether they know it or not, their style is enviable & inspiring.

We’ve taken this inspiration and decided we can collaborate with you by offering multiple looks for every single item to keep it fun, interesting, easy, unique. In a world filled with rules, deadlines, boundaries, restricted access and the like… one’s unique style doesn’t have to have those trappings. In other words: No Rules. (OK maybe just one rule: Hathypical is unique. We believe in being unique.) Unique is understanding that what’s not perfect is almost perfect because it’s real, raw, human. It begins with you; your story. Hathypical: Here for good.

What is atypical? It’s uncommon, unconventional, extraordinary, funny, unique. It’s Hathypical